Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan & Mallika Sherawat at the Oscars


For the first time in its history, there was some serious Bollywood representation at the Oscars. And no, “Slumdog Millionaire” does not count as ‘Bollywood’. We also hate calling it Bollywood. So let us rephrase: the 83rd Academy Awards was the first time a couple of major Indian celebrities were invited to Hollywood’s most prestigious event as attendees rather than nominees.

Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, often referred to as India’s golden couple, graced the red carpet looking like a million bucks. Unfortunately, we can’t say we loved Ash’s dress. From the neck up, she looked stunning — her hair and makeup were spot on. But while we appreciate the literal representation of brown on the red carpet, Ash’s Armani Prive Fall 2010 gown was oh so underwhelming.

Photo Credit: Splash News

This is the same woman who in the last couple of years at Cannes and other international platforms has finally come into her own on the carpet, giving us regal looks from Elie Saab and Roberto Cavalli. We love the Jimmy Choo ‘Lana’ clutch, but the overall look proves that all that shimmers does not shine.

Photo Credit: Rediff News

If someone had told us that Mallika Sherawat would one day attend the Oscars, we’d probably have spit out our mango lassi. Or accused said person of having consumed some sort of special chutney. But for the uninformed, Ms. Sherawat has spent the last couple of years in Los Angeles working on projects such as “Hisss” and “Politics of Love” (formerly known as “Love, Barack”). At first glance, her sparkling white gown is decent. At second glance, the bodice is all wrong and the thigh-high split is inappropriate for the Oscars. Having said that, ‘inapprop’ is not a term that fits into Mallika Sherawat’s dictionary (“Inglorious Bastards” premiere, anyone? We tried to block it out of our minds, too. But the nightmares never really stopped.) To her credit, the hair and makeup are fine, and that the girl has a bangin’ body is no secret. But the design is simply off (the actress Tweeted credit to Mark Bouwer, Jeffrey Paul and Ivan Britton). Also, black chunky shoes with a sequined white dress? No.

Academy Award winner A.R. Rahman returned to perform “If I Rise”, a song he composed for Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours” nominated for Best Original Song. Though the Maestro didn’t take home the trophy this time, he looked dapper in a black sherwani while performing with Florence of Florence and the Machine.

What did you think of India’s latest outing at the Oscars? Are you digging Aishwarya and Mallika’s looks or disappointed divanees (and divanas) like us? Tell us your thoughts below or Tweet us what you think @divanee!

  • Amina Elahi

    Ash’s makeup is spot on! But the brown dress…a little too literal. I would love to see her in a wine red. Is that too typically desi?

  • ConnaughtFleur

    I actually LOVE Aishwarya’s dress. It may not be the best but she’s carrying it off well so let’s give her some credit! Imagine Ash’s dress on Mallika! Yuck. LOL!

    That’s where Ash makes a difference. :-)

  • Sana Anam Anwar

    Yahooo for your breakdown of red carpet fashion! I love it
    I was just showing my friend your old school blog where you talked about Mallika (sp? I honestly dont care enough to see if I spelled her name right or not) at that premiere.

  • Miral

    Brown on brown people. Not flattering!

  • Hareem

    I actually don’t care at all for Ash or Mallika and am kind of upset they were the ones invited to the Oscars over the other actresses I like. Anyway, both look horrible, in my opinion. The dresses are blah as hell and I’m still lololling at the shredded excuse for a dress Mallika wore to the premiere of Inglorious Bastards. I totally missed that one!

    I can’t wait for Hollywood to get over their Bachchan infatuation and hopefully next year we’ll see some less cliche Bollywood representation on the red (or as JT calls it, fuchsia) carpet.

  • PLMD

    Hey, Sid, just wanted to give you a shout! Strong work.

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