Entertainment Recap: Anoop Desai’s New Video, Aziz Ansari Q&A, Mark Zuckerberg’s Desi Stalker

Hard to keep up with the plethora of news that does the daily rounds? Never fear, Divanee is here! Allow us to recap what you missed this past week in the entertainment industry. This week it’s all about Anoop Desai’s new video, Aziz Ansari answering his fans, and Mark Zuckerberg’s desi stalker.

Anoop Desai Premieres Music Video for “All is Fair (Crazy Love)”

Singer-songwriter Anoop Desai, who became a household name as a Season 8 finalist on “American Idol”, recently dropped the second single from his EP album “All is Fair”. The 24-year-old North Carolina native told Billboard.com of his new video: “It’s a little funny, but it’s definitely symbolic of the feeling you have when you’re trying to make things work, but every time you get close, someone stabs you in the back.” Not too long ago, Desai stopped by The Mo’Nique Show and performed his debut single, “My Name”. The hardworking artist is currently involved with a project entitled “Zero: The Mixtape”, in collaboration with Atlanta-based musicians, writers and producers (including the likes of DJ Trauma). The mixtape is slated to become available in March 2011. (via Billboard.com)

Aziz Ansari Plays 10 Questions with TIME Magazine

The past one year has been one of great triumph for actor and comedian Aziz Ansari — first he hosted the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, and now his NBC show “Parks and Recreation” has been dubbed by Entertainment Weekly as “TV’s Smartest Comedy”. Somewhere in between, he finds the time to continue with his worldwide “Dangerously Delicious” tour and ring in New Year’s Eve with Jay-Z. Ansari recently sat down with TIME Magazine to answer questions submitted by his fans and dish on where he draws his inspiration from and the role his ethnicity has played in his career thus far. (via TIME.com)

Mark Zuckerberg Gets a Desi Stalker

Can’t say we were too pleased to find out that Mark Zuckerberg’s stalker turned out to be a brown dude. The Facebook founder was granted a restraining order against Pradeep Manukonda, a California-based man accused of stalking Zuckerberg, his girlfriend and his sister. Manukonda, 31, allegedly made more than 20 attempts in one day on numerous occasions to contact Zuckerberg via e-mail, letter and — well, Facebook (obvi). Facebook security stated in a court declaration that Manukonda left a note on Zuckerberg’s car and was spotted outside of his Palo Alto home, where he also sent Zuckerberg flowers and a letter seeking assistance to pay for his mother’s medical bills. Celebrity gossip site TMZ.com spoke with the stalker himself, who apologized, admitted his mother was in good health, and has since insisted that he will leave the country and return to India when his pregnant wife can travel. PSA from Divanee: Do not stalk the youngest billionaire in the world. Especially when you have a wife. Who just happens to be preggo. Seriously. (via TMZ)

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