Divanee’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide At Your Service!

Just when you thought you were through with holiday shopping, yet another season of giving is upon us — Valentine’s Day! We took the liberty at Divanee to compile a desi-inspired gift guide to make your life easier. And save you from that blank stare your better half would rather not see when you realize it’s a mere three days until the clock strikes Cupid, but you have yet to even think about a gift. (Seriously, it’s almost Feb. 14. Get a move on it.) So scroll through our gift guide below and put a smile on the face of your spouse, sister, mother, friend or general loved one!

1. Mickey Contractor for MAC Cosmetics

Just last month, Mickey Contractor launched his highly-anticipated debut line for MAC Cosmetics. For the unversed, Contractor is Bollywood’s most esteemed makeup artist and MAC’s director of makeup artistry for India. His collection is all about natural tones, and there are a host of items to choose from. It’s trendy, practical and personalized. (from $14.50 at MAC Cosmetics)

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