Top 10 Best Bollywood Movies of 2010

With the start of 2011 and a slew of eagerly anticipated movies hitting the marquee soon, we took you back to the worst the Bollywood fraternity had to offer in 2010. Now that you’ve seen the bad and the ugly, it’s only fair we bring you the good. Saniya Tabani returns with the Top 10 Best Bollywood Movies of 2010 below, once again in no particular order. Read on to see if your favorites made the list!


An unexpected hit, this movie started off with low expectations but picked up due to word of mouth reviews and being showcased at various film festivals. With a strong screenplay and amazingly written characters, the three leads played by Naseeruddin Shah, Vidya Balan and Arshad Warsi jump off the screen and into our hearts. Filled with heart and just enough suspense to grip us tightly and hold us down in our seats, the film captivates our attention while leaving us with a smile on our faces.

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  • Jay

    Why is the Indian box office such a bullshit for. Why dont they talk about worlwide collections, a movies success depends on how much its makes worldwide, why only give Indian Gross, even hollywood doesnt do that.
    The highest grossing films of this year are
    1) Robot 318 Crore – Blockbuster
    2)Dabangg 212 Crore – Blockbuster
    3) MNIK 183 Crore and still counting – Super Hit
    4) Rajineeti 143 Crore – Super Hit
    5)Golmaal 3 107 Crore – Super Hit

    • and

      Yap,I really agree with you. I think box office it means worlwide area. Not only in india. My name is khan will beat dabangg. Because, MNIK more famous outside india.

    • http://gmail aspita

      by the way dude!dabanng is not of budget 212 crore it is of 140 crores….and if they have decided that it is a hit so they have think something…and i is is an unexpected hit…

    • http://yahoo basit ali


  • chhoton

    heart shaking film of Bollywood ever seen which inspire us to do good and be united

  • chhoton

    it is ‘my name is khan’

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  • Sana Anam Anwar

    Okay I have to catch up on so many movies it’s ridiculous. It’s depressing how far behind I am.

    I was really happy to see Ishqiya on the list. EVERYONE I talked to hated the movie so I thought I was taking crazy pills when I watched it and really liked it. Lesson learned: “everyone” I talked to has bad taste in movies. :)

    I will say that I did not like Guzaarish at all. That’s also because I hyped the movie up so much in my head. But I was disappointed by everything in the movie except the cinematography. Some of the shots were gorgeous (other times way over the top as if SLB was trying way to hard). Aish…cant act. And I was definitely disappointed by Hrithik’s acting. :( ((( I love that guy so much but except for one or two scenes in the movie, I was not impressed. And I really hated SLB’s directing. Maybe it was the fact that he took on the music himself (which was some of the worst music of this year) so he spread himself out to thin but I wasn’t moved in this film. Anyone can take a story of a quadriplegic and make it moving. It’s a heart wrenching topic. But somehow SLB really took away the emotion from a movie that should have left me unbelievably moved. (Im the person who during rang de basanti, if I wasn’t worried about what other people thought about me, I would have flailed myself onto the floor sobbing uncontrollably. Instead I just sat in the chair and sobbed uncontrollably, gasping for air to breathe and embarrassing all my cousins sitting next to me.) I dont want to spoil the movie here for anyone but the story just needed to be completely revamped so there was some actual character development.

  • satyam

    peepli live is worst movie of amir khan, i watch this in columbia 12 cinema. and didnt satified what i paid for.

  • http://google cutie

    i think but everyone should think that dabangg is the super hit flim of all time bollywood movies.

    • http://google cutie

      yea u r right cutie dabangg is super duper hit film of all time bollywood movies.

  • http://facebook anushka

    really, i am satisfied wid u
    bcoz really dabangg is an unbelievable film of all times

  • Gora Kamal

    “Peepli Live” was without doubt the best of the lot. I loved the way that it poked fun at everything which is wrong in the Indian political system. The acting is top notch.

  • Hadiqa

    I watched Ishqiya… Its a Good movie no Doubt… and specially sound tracks.

  • Anand Aggarwal

    I watched Ishqiya… Its a Good movie no Doubt… and specially sound tracks.
    I loved the way that it poked fun at everything which is wrong in the Indian political system. The acting is top notch.I dont want to spoil the movie here for anyone but the story just needed to be completely revamped so there was some actual character development.

    • Jyoti

      anand’s good thought for this movie so i like this Comments very nice……….thx this comments anand aggarwal jiiiiiiiiiiiii……..!

  • Monami

    thank god in dis list ba nd baja barat movie because i really hate it i too hate ranvir n anushka

  • Mozhda

    I am watching Wanted now on the telly. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD FILM <3

  • tabrez

    dabangg is the best film of 2010.

  • http://katrinakaif haris

    my name is khan is the hittest movie of all time no dabang

  • http://yahoo ayesha khan

    my name is khan is theall time block buster movi across sea i love srk
    sallu is lallu

  • http://yahoo masood abbasi

    ofcourse my name is khan is the hittest movie of 2011 and dabangg is copy of holllywood movie and mnik is heart touching

    • Ata

      exactly nyc salu is lalu….

  • http://yahoo ghashan ali

    my name is khan is the highest grossing film across sea and had broken records of 3 idiots
    DABANGG IS FLOP srk rocks and sallu flops

  • http://yahoo basit ali

    my name is khan i love srk he rocks his upcomming movies and don 2 will be all time blockbuster


    • abid pathan

      noooo i love salman khan

  • fahad

    i think wanted is the best film of salman khan in i right.full of action and dialogue,i like that film.thank u.

  • karan khan

    Dabanng wows box office
    oh my god what a great movie people should watch it its
    about todays social things

  • karan khan

    Also my name is khan
    and i am not a terrorist
    its really messageable
    and we should learn some lesson from this movie

  • jani

    gandu movies indian chutusssssssssssssssssssssss

  • http://google rohit

    dabangg is the best film in the bollywood.
    salman khan rocks & i love salman khan
    thank u…

  • http://google sanjay

    dabangg rocks & srk flops

    • amir dsouza

      teri maa ki choot

  • Wasim+923214119720

    Well this is far away from the personal liking or dislikings of individuals. Some of your like someone the rest dont. This is not the case. I think it is the Director who creats the characters and the movie. Dabang is nothing more than a dominated character of Salman Khan. No Story Line. My Name is Khan carries a theme and a world wide phenomenon. I will also negate one of the above narrated comments in which someone disliked Guzaarish. I totally disagree. Though i am a Pakistani but i will admit that Indian Film Industory is realy up for taking up some daring topics; topics never ever taken up or filmed in the past. Guzaarish is one of those topics. Hirithik acted the act of his life in this film. Guzaarish means “Appeal” or “Request” and the film carries its theme superbly. Each and every character has done his part, quite effeciently. Glamor Lovers were certainly disappointed to see this film because it was not a typical film but was a pure cenima.

  • Ratul

    Dabbang is the best film in Bollywood.I love salman khan

  • http://imsrk@twitter ubed

    my name is khan its a biggest hit in world
    most popular film,srk acting was so nice
    and my favourate films

  • Tarif Ali Khan

    Actually My Name is khan is a very effective movie.It Gives an Effective Message to The people Of Every Country and Every Religion.It Doesn’t Contain Any Time Pass Content…Salman khan is a very good actor as Well,acted well in the movies like Maine pyaar kiya and Tere naam,OTherwise His Recent Movies Doesnot gives any message to the Mass.He is Just Making Movies to Earn And Not to give any message to the Viewers.His Movies only Contains Some Unbearable Action scenes and Nonsense Fights.The Stories Of His Movies Such as Ready,Bodyguard and Dabang are Really Childish.Doesn’t Look like That Scripts are Constructed By Re-owned and Popular Directors.So Salman Khan Should Not Make Movies To Earn Money But his Basic Motive Should be To Fulfil The Needs Of The Viewers.

  • http://btgthhyt neha verma


  • sunil simkhada

    i had seen ra-one but i did not this movie.I think this movie is animatory and faltu. this is very very very bad movie.bodygard is mor nicer than ra-one.

  • Ata

    Dear all,
    please the look of srk in Ra one and the trailer are much to proud srk you rock dude i haven’t seen the movie yet but no one undrestand you completely that for what and why you do these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r king of bollywood.

    • Tulasi Reddy

      dookudu will break all the India film records just watch it

      • dev

        hey……dookudu….is a telegu movie…….I’v seen it it’s a very good movie…..after remake it by salman khan we will see how many records it will break… m sure salman can’t do better acting than mahesh babu……( you see just wanted and pokri…)

  • anurag

    ra one and bodyguard r the bst I say

  • piyush

    ra. one is best i say

  • manish

    bodygaurd is khata movie of this year.there is far distance with raone srk is king of salman

  • Hydersali

    i like Dabangg very mush blockbaster

  • Farzana431

    salman khan ko plzzzzzzzzzzzzz laath maro bolywood se srk is d best

    • Shams@

      tu kanha hai mujhe bata mai ake tujhe laath marunga………………..

    • Mohdaslam35

      tu laath maregi salman ke tere jasi kitni usey deti firti ha. srk ki rakhel

    • Selfstaisfy_bkrm

      no salman khan is the best actor…sarukh khan alwayz looks old

      • Fspeech99

        dont forget that you’ll get old too one day looking even worse than Sarukh…so shut you mouth & dance

    • }:)

      dono ko laat maaro… salman khan should be behind bars for the man slaughter and black buck hunting case…. SRK is SR gay and he should elope with karan johar!

  • Safi_inayat_khan

    top six actors
    1 shahrukh khan
    2 salman khan
    3 ajey devgan
    4 amir khan
    5 shahid kapoor
    6 aksha kumar

    • Shanmukh

      Hey where is hrithik

  • Sheena khan

    i love salman,sharuk and kareena

    i love sooo much katrina kaif

    • Mohdaslam35

      only salman khan

  • milan

    i love Shahrukh khan very very much. his acting is the best in this world. nobady can not do like him. he is in heart of this world


    SHEENA KHAN, but i love you.
    from Pakistan.

  • Harris

    East or west , SRK is the best

  • Harris

    my top acters are
    1:sharukh khan
    2:amir khan
    3:akshay kumar
    4:ajay devgan

  • Raviprakash200050

    top five actors are

    1.dilip kumar
    2.amitabh bachanan annd
    4.shami kapoor
    5.dharmendra paajji

    it is acurate one

  • Shivmagesh

    Rab ne Bana de Jodi

  • Laxman

    emraan hashmi

  • Muzzamilpasha

    srk is the best and will b the best

  • Shobhit359

    where is LSD (love sex aur dhoka) i think the story of this movie is so unique which revolves around the realistic corrector which we see in our normal life Great drama should be around top 5 movies of 2010

  • Bhati

    chutiyo laadi band karo m the best

  • Hjain97

    i hate salmaan khan

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