Pakistan is the Deadliest Country for Journalists

Site of suicide bombing in Pakistan

REUTERS/Umar Qayyum

According to a new study by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Pakistan is the deadliest country for reporters. At least 42 journalists were killed around the world this year — eight in Pakistan, accounting for 20 percent coming out of one country. Six of the journalists were killed in suicide attacks, while another 20 were wounded.

“The killing of 42 journalists in 2010, while a decline over previous years, is still unacceptably high and reflective of the pervasive violence journalists confront around the world,” said CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon.

“From Afghanistan to Mexico, Thailand to Russia, the failure of governments to investigate crimes against the press contributes to a climate of impunity that ultimately fuels further violence.”

Most of the 42 deaths were murders, and 40 percent took place in combat.

We break it down by country below:
1. Pakistan 8
2. Iraq 4
3. Honduras 3
4. Mexico 3
5. Thailand 2

CPJ said that its research shows that approximately 90 percent of journalist murders remain unsolved, even though many victims — 60 percent in 2010 — reported that they had received threats in the weeks before they were killed.

It was indeed a shocker that Pakistan beat out even war-stricken Iraq, and that Afghanistan did not feature in the top five. A sad day and a constant reminder of the continuous need for change.

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