Skywalks – India’s Curious Answer to Congested Streets

Mumbai Skywalk

Mumbai Skywalk

Mumbai, known to face problems with overcrowding, has just developed an answer to its problem. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is building a series of elevated walkways to help combat congestion on the streets.

Skywalks, nicknamed “yellow caterpillars”, are made out of concrete and steel and are being constructed across Mumbai. The MMRDA plans to create 36 skywalks within the bustling streets of India’s largest and most metropolitan city, with a popular of 21 million. According to a report on CNN, skywalks will connect major train stations throughout Mumbai and make commuting easier by providing less traffic on the ground-level streets.

Streets on top of streets? If you ask us, it kind of sounds like a double-decker bus. But uglier. Another tragic eyesore for Mumbai.

What do you think is uglier? Skywalks or Mukesh Ambani’s billion dollar mansion?

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