Louis Vuitton Embraces Diwali – Festival of Light


Looks like LV saw the light, when he decided to dedicate his fall windows to Diwali — The festival of lights in India.  (Practiced by Hindus, Jains & Sikhs – also celebrated culturally all over India)

The gossip is true, and the vision is confirmed: the embracing of India’s cultural traditions will be illuminating.  Teaming up with renowned Indian designer & architect Rajeev Sethi, the proposed art installation for the LV stores are set to debut globally this November. The installation will include hand-painted LV trunks by Sethi and will be lit from inside to create an artistic glow. In addition, there will be limited edition dress pieces created from couture vintage saree’s.  I’d say it’s East meets West {err France} at its finest.

Embracing India’s auspicious occasion will make his already adoring fans, adore and respect the LV empire even more. I think LV made an excellent decision to work with Sethi. He has demonstrated over three decades of work through a wide range of impressive interior architecture, sculptures, and other mixed media – all while gracefully showcasing and preserving South Asian culture. Also, his altruism toward the South Asian Heritage Foundation confirms that pairing up with him for this is perfection.  A true artist with soul and spirit.

Understanding that Diwali signifies the triumph of good over evil, makes this global collaboration irradiatingly triumphant in it of itself.

“Even when the sun goes down, we’re gonna make this city light up…”

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